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God is into Little Things

by Shirley Steinmetz on 12/14/16



Hey guys I believe this could be classified as a small Christmas miracle. It all started last week when my oldest daughter informed me that she had three tickets for the Christmas Train sponsored by Church on the Move.

Well she invited me, the next thing we knew we needed another ticket, we came up with 4. So now my wife could go, well not yet, we were now short one ticket again as my 20 year old granddaughter required a ticket. Simple fix I would stay behind, and let my wife go in my stead. Now it’s Sunday evening and we all head off to the Train. My daughter called me and informed that her 20  year old decided she wanted to go, so they offered her the stepdads ticket. I wouldn’t stand for that so I gave up Grandma’s ticket. Now we were two short and for a second decided to turn around and go home. Grandma was pretty upset about all that, so I said we are going anyway and that we would get at least a ticket for her. To shut her up I said Pray in the spirit and we did, with an occasional complaint or two from Grandma. I would like to say we didn’t fuss but that would be a lie because we did.

Meanwhile my middle daughters husband knowing we needed tickets was at the gates waiting for us when a guy out of the blue said does any one need 2 tickets I have 2 tickets. Lee said I do how much do you want, the guy handed him the tickets and say there are yours merry Christmas, they are yours.



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1. Bill Steinmetz said on 12/14/16 - 10:54AM
This was my first God is into little things posted a few Christmas's ago. Hope you will enjow.
2. Steve Marvel said on 5/11/17 - 04:41PM
Man, what a miracle Bill to have connected up with you over 3 years ago. I have told many people about the relationship that I developed with my "cabbie" during those waning days of the "Terminal, End Stage Alcoholism" point in my life. Bill, I even called my best friend who came to rescue me, along with 2 other great buddies of mine at the Holiday Inn Express where you had dropped me off, I was calling my best friend, whose name is Charlie Wilson, I was calling him, to his face, Bill. When they were able to get to me at the hotel, Bill, after the hotel cut the security lock to let them and the police in, I was calling my buddy, Bill. He said, Bill? Steve, why are you calling me Bill? Charlie said I said well because of the fact that you're my FRIEND, Bill. Right? You're my friend, Bill, right? (wow, can you see how sad I was and how powerful we as Christians are in helping our hurting Brothers out and not even realize it) Bill, I was so sad and so HEART sick that YOU, my friend, had made such a mark on my life, that I was calling my best friend - Bill. I have known Charlie since the seventh grade and we are extremely close and I love the old boy. Well, Bill, you loved on me in such a way that I addressed my best old buddy as Bill for quite some time until they said I started sobering up. (Bill, my life was over, I thought, for I had NO MORE LIFE, No more Wife, no more money, no car, no credit cards, no home that I could go to because of the restraining order and the hotel was kicking me out the next day, my one and only solution was salvation army downtown to sleep on a little pad and detox at the same time - but went to the hospital instead) To save you the time in this email I am including a testimony that I have attached that was sent to Kenneth Copeland Ministries. It's a fairly concise yet complete review of those last days. Bill, sir, I have a great appreciation for you. In my misery back then I can remember specifically thinking about the idea about how nice this fella is to me. How kind he was to pick me up at the Broken Arrow Inn and then make a stop or two on the way to the Holiday Inn Express and then patiently wait while I checked in. Wow, such kindness. This phone call that we just had Bill was so awesome. It was not coincidental. Just awesome. To think that I was just looking for a fair estimate for our friend as she is trying desperately to find a place to live that is close to Rhema where she works, well, across the street at the daycare. To try and find an estimate for transportation since she does not have a car and is trying to get out of the hotel. Anyway, Bill, I just praise God and I think it is just so "The way he works" how this has happened. I did not have your business card nor did I find your cab company by the google search of "Bill's Cab Service", I just googled taxi and got a number of hits and looked at the choices and saw the Broken Arrow service, called you and BOOM, asked, out of the clear blue, "Is this Bill?". Why? I don't remember your cab being called Broken Arrow transport. Just felt impressed to ask for Bill. Man, we serve an awesome God. Alright, my friend. We would love to have you at church. "Flame International Outreach Church". Pastor Letricia Staten, Rhema Grad 1982. This is a Church, Bill, that has been percolating for some time and is just now "Taking off Like a Homesick Angel". Our Praise and Worship is so awesome, Bill you would enjoy it. God has restored everything in my life and even restored my relationship to a fella that was kind to me when I was so heartsick and so desperate to just have a friend. Thank you, Bill. Please read the attachment and I will follow up with you and hopefully buy you lunch when and if you have some time. Again, thank you, Bill, for blessing me with your kindness over three and a half years ago. Respectfully, Steve James Steven Marvel 2613 W Canton Pl Broken Arrow, OK 74012 918-829-9978 Cell 918-455-0354 Home [email protected]

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