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Check out our new Prayer Blog

by Shirley Steinmetz on 11/30/16

One of our new features, is the prayer blog. Bill and I will read your prayer requests and pray for you and your needs specifically. Not with an Amen or Praying, but an actual Prayer of Faith directly related to your request as the Holy Ghost directs us. We then will post it to our blog so you can respond when it is answered.
                                        Thanks Shirley

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1. Bill Steinmetz said on 12/14/16 - 10:42AM
Since nobody wants to test drive Shirleys new blog page I have decided to repost some of my series God is into Little Things.
2. Bill Steinmetz said on 12/14/16 - 10:49AM
GOD IS IN THE LITTLE THINGS Hey guys I believe this could be classified as a small Christmas miracle. It all started last week when my oldest daughter informed me that she had three tickets for the Christmas Train sponsored by Church on the Move. Well she invited me, the next thing we knew we needed another ticket, we came up with 4. So now my wife could go, well not yet, we were now short one ticket again as my 2 year old granddaughter required a ticket. Simple fix I would stay behind, and let my wife go in my stead. Now it’s Sunday evening and we all head off to the Train. My daughter called me and informed that my 19 year old decided she wanted to go, so they offered her the stepdads ticket. I wouldn’t stand for that so I gave up Grandma’s ticket. Now we were two short and for a second decided to turn around and go home. Grandma was pretty upset about all that, so I said we are going anyway and that we would get at least a ticket for her. To shut her up I said Pray in the spirit and we did, with an occasional complaint or two from Grandma. I would like to say we didn’t fuss but that would be a lie because we did. Meanwhile my middle daughters husband knowing we needed tickets was at the gates waiting for us when a guy out of the blue said does any one need 2 tickets I have 2 tickets. Lee said I do how much do you want, the guy handed him the tickets and say there are yours merry Christmas, they are yours. GOD IS IN THE LITTLE THINGS
3. Steve Marvel said on 5/11/17 - 04:57PM
Bill, praise God, it was so nice visiting with you today. Our God is certainly into the "no coincidence" business. The phenomena of the way we got together today is simply staggering and I am grateful to and for our wonderful God and his precious Son, Jesus. The King Of Kings and The Lord Of Lords. Wow, again, Bill, praise God. I thank you, Bill, then and Now for all that you and your precious awesome wife stand for. I hope you enjoyed the email that I just sent you because I had the biggest smile on my face as I was creating it. Again, we would love to have you at Church. Flame International Outreach Center", 17th and Memorial, Tulsa, OK. Bill, the Church and Casting-Cares are cut out of the same bolt of Cloth. Pastor is an 82 Rhema Grad and Flame has been in the business of training Believing Leaders. We are small but have so much going on. We would love having you and Shirley with us. I will follow up for sure because there is so much I want to share with you. Also, Bill, if you ever need a drummer, Man, God has restored everything I ever had and SO MUCH MORE. We are just grateful. I look forward to seeing you again and buying you lunch and meeting your wife.
4. William Steinmetz said on 6/20/17 - 04:22AM
Trying to make this work

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